Origo Fonder AB, corporate identity number 556851-7832, is a manager of alternative investment funds under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. The company manages the special funds ORIGO QUEST and ORIGO SELEQT.

Information Brochure / Prospectus

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The company's auditor is EY, Stockholm.

Service providers

With the aim of focusing both on core business (Fund management and marketing of the company's Funds) and to reduce the risk of conflicts of interest, Origo has Capital AB hired the following service providers for various functions in the business. This model ensures that the features are handled by experts with long and qualified experience from each area.

  • Fund administration: Wahlstedt & Sageryd Financial Services AB
  • Risk management function: Wahlstedt & Partners AB
  • Legal compliance function: Wistrand Advokatbyrå Stockholm KB
  • Independent valuation function: Wahlstedt & Partners AB
  • Internal auditor: Moneo AB


Origo Quest 1 is required by law to have an agreement with a custodian. The Fund’s custodian is Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ) whose legal form is a banking company (a limited liability company authorized to conduct banking operations). SEB's main business is banking and financial operations and its legal seat is located in Stockholm.

The institute's main task is to keep the Fund's assets and execute the trustee's decision regarding the fund. In addition, the institute shall check that the company's instructions regarding management decisions for the fund do not conflict provisions of law, regulation or fund rules. The institute shall act honest, fair, independent and professional as well as exclusively in the fund and the shareholders interests.

Remuneration policy

The company's Board of Directors has decided on a remuneration policy that sets out the principles for the company's remuneration system. Fixed remuneration to employees should be competitive and based on the individual's responsibility and performance. The salary should be set in such a way that it accounts for so much of the employee's total remuneration that it shall be possible to set any variable parts to zero. The CEO decides on each of the employee’s salary. The Board decides on salary to the CEO. Variable compensation can be paid after decision of the Board, based on an evaluation of a combination of the employee’s individual results in relation to individual financial and non-financial targets, the company's earnings and the results of the fund. However, variable remuneration to the CEO shall be decided by the Annual General Meeting. Payment of variable compensation is subject to postponement rules.
Information about remuneration, 2017 (in Swedish).


For us at Origo Capital AB it is important that you as a customer is satisfied with our services and treatment. If we do not match your expectations - we want to know. You will find further information on how to file a complaint with us in the fact sheet. "Information about complaints" (in Swedish).

Handling of personal data

By applying to become a customer with us, investing in the fund and registering as a shareholder, we will collect and use your personal information. Closer information about our personal data processing can be found in the information sheet "Information about handling of personal data". (in Swedish)